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My Iron Lung - June Lyrics

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My Iron Lung – June Lyrics

First wave, crashing in
Contemplate my beliefs
it’s just these memories I wish I could get out of my head
I’ll dwell on things I can’t ever change
I never had a clear view on them anyways
These memories

He’s twenty three just like me
the mother cried so hard at the funeral home
picking a casket for her son
she didn’t think it would come in her lifetime
but it did
again again again

What makes you really hurt
What makes you do the things you do
that hurt everyone else
it leaves another mark
that won’t ever watch off
that won’t ever disappear

Feeling discontent
that no one knew you had
that no one could fix
it whispers in the wind

Every chance I get i’ll find another way
to keep things off my mind

He meant, he felt it, the needle pushed deep in his skin
as deep as it goes it haunts
as long as I wait for things to change
it never cleans up the same
these broken dreams this broken life

it’ll never be fixed it’ll never be

[Lyrics to June by My Iron Lung]

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