My Love Your Lust - Dreamful Lyrics

My Love Your Lust – Dreamful Lyrics

I thought that this road
Didn’t have an end
But that was just a supposition
It seems that giving up isn’t hard

When you never gave your fullest
This misery ends here
I’m no longer dependant on your will
My life starts again

Without you
This is the choice I make
So let me go
This field has never been so green

So healthy and mature
With the calmness of the wind
I will be carried away
Carried away

I will never see this place again
So this could better be my last preach
I’ll travel to find my place
To begin this journey, you slowed down

All the things I will conquer
With no you by my side
This is my last goodbye
I’ll see you in the end

[Lyrics to Dreamful by My Love Your Lust]

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Artist My Love Your Lust Lyrics
Album"Farewell" (2013)

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My Love Your Lust - Dreamful Lyrics

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