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My Iron Lung - The Darkest Past Lyrics

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My Iron Lung – The Darkest Past Lyrics

Again the same frame of light that led me in
That made me think otherwise
It’s gone

Every chance I get to spark a memory a match is lit to a wick
So I can see the past and remember how it ends
Remember how it begins
I was only asking questions
I put my candle to the wind and it blew out

It must of been the smoke
It must of been me
That saw a change in the room
That saw a shift in your mood
That saw potential and growth
In all the places you don’t
We’ll film a brand new scene
And play the usual scheme
We’ll keep on acting it out until we get it right

And again we’ll learn from our mistakes
Just do what it takes keep moving forward
To make the days a little brighter
When nothing else is

I ran as fast as I could
Back to where I came from
Found a photo of you and me
An image and memory captured
One where were both still smiling
It was daytime
When the frame caught the light
And everything changed
It must of been me.

[Lyrics to The Darkest Past by My Iron Lung]

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