My Iron Lung - Commonwealth Lyrics

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My Iron Lung – Commonwealth Lyrics

First scene when winter ends
I get to thinking how everything stands still if you let it and
How ever long you wait
How ever long you want to wait
It only holds you back
Watch the sun go down, watch it come back up
All the time we waste
Is it ever enough to convince us that maybe there’s something wrong
Maybe it’s me

Back to the city where
There’s a buzz and a hum
That stays stuck inside my head
That never leave’s unless I leave and I don’t want it to
It’s a comforting sound that helps me sleep at night
All the signs in the road read head north
And don’t come back

I’ve been trying to figure this out
I’ve been trying to kill off this doubt
It comes in waves.
No hope

Listen, Help Me
Hold it together
Again, Realize
Nothing is easy
Unless we find,
A reason behind our own dreaming

I keep waking up feeling the same way
Like nothing else is going to change
Cause it’s been so long and I try so hard any chance I get

But the answers are out there hiding in the silence
And it’s our job to find them
Like some pyramid scheme, retrace my dreams
Keep waiting for my sigh of relief

It’s just the coming of age I keep telling my self
It’s only temporary this void feeling
The one weighs me down makes me think less of myself

But I keep looking up
Hoping for better days
Hoping for better things
When spring comes I can pretend
What I did before
I won’t do again

[Lyrics to Commonwealth by My Iron Lung]

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Artist My Iron Lung Lyrics
Album"Relief" (2014)

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My Iron Lung - Commonwealth Lyrics

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