My Iron Lung - Save for a Pocket Of Warmth Lyrics

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My Iron Lung – Save for a Pocket Of Warmth Lyrics

I had a feeling than lost it a sense of meaning exhausted
My eyes are tired from trying to find an answer anywhere
And I keep caring less and less
And I keep thinking less and less
About the future and purpose
Reason is

I am frequently alone
I am frequently passing by
All the places I visit
Always wondering why
There’s no light on in your room
There’s no place to feel warm
And all these cold walls only cause me harm

It’s only freezing and it is painful
It’s only freezing

I just want to have comfort in the things that I do
I just want to know more of me and you
I just want to see the end and where everything goes
Will I ever find out does anybody know?

I keep losing faith in everything
I keep dreaming of a place I’d much rather be
and when the sunsets all I fear is regret
so I am cautious to make any decisions

I take careful steps in and around the house
Where everything stays quiet nothing moves
and I look out the window
hoping for a sign to change my mind
I’m so full of doubt these days

[Lyrics to Save for a Pocket Of Warmth by My Iron Lung]

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