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Na$im Williams - Gone Lyrics

Na$im Williams – Gone Lyrics

Swear it ain’t been the same without you
But life must go on
I know you looking down on me
I’m good, though

Grandmamma, you praised us
Grandmamma, you raised us
From everywhere we got paid bucks
Always kept those grades up
When I get dressed I hear your voice all over
Telling me to get out them pimp suits
And go put on some loafers
Your memory on my shoulder
Note that I ain’t over
I know you looking down seeing how I can’t stay sober
You helped me understand knowing that life slips through your hands
And how you claimed to be a man when you can’t even pull up your pants
Damn, how could I just lose you? Thought you’d never leave me
Wish life was a movie, I would put it on repeat
Yep, too many blood clots, an eternal bleeding
I damn near lost my breath when I heard you wasn’t breathing
And this shit don’t make sense, everybody acting so tense
But I promise to keep my strengths on the other side of that fence
Know it don’t take a blind man to see He had a plan for you, He got a plan for me
But I try to keep my sanity and stay strong for my family
But it damaged me

See, in this life, there ain’t no second chances
So you live it to the fullest
No regrets
That’s why I love all my niggas who here with me
Yeah, they’ll hear it with me
Real sick

Said I can’t explain with my words who you been on my nerves
And your little sister in this hearse, see your blood stain on that curve
We was young niggs but working, one thing’s for certain
We was about that money, dog, ‘cause paper make this earth spin
Yep, I wish my pain go looking up at the angels
Tryna straight my life out ‘cause my shit be feeling so tangled
My inner circle be real proof, you tell once then you slip through
Never mind them haters talk, I block ‘em off like a seal through
But I tell myself it will be alright even though the next day you won’t be in sight
And I hate to see your momma cry, I really wanna know how she sleep at night
I used to grab a gun and a clip but now I’d really rather grab me a mic
Yep, ‘cause my homie gone, he paid the price of the street with his life
Hey, you left quick, I guess death is impatient
But I’m looking like good lord, seems you on vacation
And I’m off track so I need the yack and a wii, too
I know heaven gonna open up them gates so they can receive you
And then lead you

[Lyrics to Gone by Na$im Williams]
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