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Nemo Achida - Show Me Lyrics (Feat. SZA)

Nemo Achida – Show Me Lyrics (Feat. SZA)

Woke up, shoulda went to church, ‘stead I woke up to a baby, see my purse?
And then we take thought that she headed out to work
Really wanted some, but time came first
That is not the worse, so I focus on this verse
To 88, I got ’em in these viches just to purse
A mystical visita from when I went to search
Blessed wit a smile and a tittie sittin’ perfect
I, pretty woman blessin’ in the curse
Fine lay, check it in rehearse
Back to reality, I think I need a nurse
The sick is yellin’ out like
“See, this really hurts”
Now that I been gone, consider that a lurp
The finest of establishments, I finally found my purpose
Yellin’ in the churches, let’em know I perve this
And every single teacher-mat said birthless

(Hook x4)
Even the way that
I’mma go now is all in the
Faith, but I don’t know how
Show me, show me,
Hmm, that’s nice

The center of my mind, climax is the Grammies,
Indoor pool, pleasure from a Nanni
This is just me dreamin’, settin’ up the scenes
And eliminating all of the hours until they seamless
Purged a couple plans, runnin’ outta summers
Why isn’t it handled too much? Do you even wonder?
When bullets are handed to brides quicker than runners
Lindos and mighty Carlos and Hummers
See myself high as the society will let me be
Scream granny scriptures in my head when they’ll let me free
Pick my lady up for a sweet taste of the victory
Fuck her brains out and leave her feeling good for century
Wow, pale eyes as I’m gonna be
So busy out here, need a colony
Drama, that liver Matt Daemon, Sean Connery
Betta know you brave if ya follow me

(Hook x4)
Even the way that
I’mma go now is all in the
Faith, but I don’t know how
Show me, show me

[Lyrics to Show Me by Nemo Achida (Feat. SZA)]

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