New Hands - Strange Attractor Lyrics

New Hands – Strange Attractor Lyrics

Well this is getting strange
Where do I begin?
How does it all end?
And girl, you rob me without sound
Restore me with your words
I’ll try and hold my ground

She doesn’t want that
No “nice to meet you”
She wants an attack
And no other truce
Elsewhere where people know your name
You know it’s clear as day
You know you think it through
And dear you do not know the games
But you know what you’d lose
You think you should refrain

She doesn’t want that
She’s not the cautious kind
She wants you to crack
Now you’ve made up your mind
So what’s the tune sayin’?
Want nothing that will cheapen me
You turn the right way
And now everybody’s saying it, everybody’s saying it
Give him a gold star
He’s remarkable
Number one keeper
Who did what he was told

That’s not farewell
‘Cause you’re walking on
But she’s got those eyes and they say to you that you’re not sleeping alone
Something’s beating like a drum
No, this can’t be wise
Why not take some time?
But darling I see you beckoning
So many guarantees
Let’s see if they’re kept

But do you want that
Or did you think it through?
I really doubt it
When you’re a different you

[Lyrics to Strange Attractor by New Hands]

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Artist New Hands Lyrics
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New Hands - Strange Attractor Lyrics

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