Nexilva - The Misdirection Of God Lyrics

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Nexilva – The Misdirection Of God Lyrics

Praise me, or be destroyed in my fire.
This is hell, what you’re waiting for.

Fuck the faith of this world.
I am the true creator of your worthless lives.
I can choose to obliterate your souls, within a blink of an eye.
and all of you will learn to fear me and obey my every command, without hesitation
and i will welcome you to a paradise that meets your every dream.

I am the caller of the storm,
I can bring a whole nation to its knee’s,
with a single breath from my lungs, all your precious ground will be claimed by the sea.
All I demand is three offerings to meet my every need

This will be fulfilled.

The blood of your rival religions, it sates my first for blood,
Of mindless drones willing to die for their god.
Which I am to be.
Kill them, kill them all!
Wipe each other out and reign victorious.

And bleed the earth dry of its resources, you’re the only species capable of doing this.
Exchange this to your fellow man, for your worthless currency, and burn it all!

So the vapours rise to my fucking chest.
But keep all man in a state of mind, that i am all thats good in this world
so that they continue to fulfil my every need.

Humanity will die.

All this time you have been deceived by me.
You have been destroying your world from the start
and now you beg for mercy, will i choose to spare your filthy race?

[Lyrics to The Misdirection Of God by Nexilva]

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Artist Nexilva Lyrics
Album"Eschatologies" (2014)

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Nexilva - The Misdirection Of God Lyrics

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