Nicholas Nicholas - Cave Lyrics

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Nicholas Nicholas – Cave Lyrics

On white wall you see
The details of another’s dream
Lay me in the cave
Lay me in the cave

I wanna take you out on a high
God, hold on for dear life


It’d be so good to meet you outside of life
Meet you outside of life
In a cave

Bracelet sacrificed your arm
The truth hurts when its true enough

You give great, good, good love
(without a reason to fall)
Is it enough?

I’ll never really know until

You lay me in the cave

Lay me in the cave
Lay you in the cave

The first time that you saw a photograph
You believed it was real life
The shape of the wings of an aircraft taking you
Higher and higher

When the whole world is a copy cat of the one
That came before it
Searching through all of the artifacts
Just to find what you have in store there
You’ll leave it all in a cave
Leave it all there

[Lyrics to Cave by Nicholas Nicholas]

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