Nick Hakim - Sleep Lyrics

Nick Hakim – Sleep Lyrics

Sleep my darling
I don’t wanna wake you
I’ll see you again
Sleep my dear
I hope you treat me sweetly
But I’ll be gone before you wake up

I won’t talk much,
Won’t try to make the bed out
I think I did it now,
I won’t leave my trail, you’ll never find me
You belong behind me

Sleep my dear,
Hope you treat me sweetly
But I’ll be gone before you wake up,
Before you wake up

[Lyrics to Sleep by Nick Hakim]

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  • Avatar photo Casey says:

    I think the second verse goes:

    I won’t talk much
    Won’t try to make it better
    I think I did enough
    I won’t leave a trail, you’ll never find me
    You’ll be lost behind me

  • Avatar photo kiya simmons hagan says:

    I love this song so much omg. His music makes me float he’s more than an artist

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Artist Nick Hakim Lyrics
Album"Where Will We Go Pt. 2" (2014)

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Nick Hakim - Sleep Lyrics

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