Nikko Gray - Reserve Lyrics

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Nikko Gray – Reserve Lyrics

You’ve been very patient and awfully kind
I’m in a mountain,
Seems like my name has me on fire and blind
You could excite that
And apparently I wouldn’t even mind
Stick to rythming
And I’ll stick to a melody, stuck to a rhyme

Oh oh, ou
Oooh oh, ou

I’ll get along now,
For better or worse when you’re alone with me
You’re holding my hand now
When I’m sad
It’s said as a fantasy
Courage sespite how
Many times I have knocked myself off of my feet
Cold in a fight now
I’m not half as sad as my tears claim to be

Oh no no no no no
Oh no no no no no

‘Cause I am the ocean
And you are, my friend,
Catching wind by the sea
Rest on the ‘sure’ now
To soak up the sun as I lay in the heat
I may not love you
The same way that you think you’re loving me
But I’ll never leave you
If I loved you once, it is infinitely

Oh oh, hey
Mmmm mmmm mmmm
No way

I’ll answer your questions
The moment that I know that they’re answered for me
Won’t push you for answers
But I would hold you while you sleep
I’ve been kinda distant
It’s cool ’cause I’ve also been listening .
I’ll answer my own call

Hey hey hey hey hey
Oh, I’ll leave it alone now .
Hey hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey

[Lyrics to Reserve by Nikko]

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Nikko Gray - Reserve Lyrics

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