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NIKO IS - Ballon d'Or Lyrics

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NIKO IS – Ballon d’Or Lyrics

[Verse 1: NIKO IS] Mon Amour
I deserve the ballon d’or
Why you guppies swimming with all these piranhas for?
I put numbers on the board-
Why you starting drama for?
Relax -ponder more
Check into the omni more
Me and Amani posted outside the Givenchy store
In army fatigues like we’ve gone to war
Boy- it’s survival of the fittest even vegans become omnivores
Traveling like johnny ward, I’m so sure like ronnie

I start my day whenever’s my coffee’s poured
And my joint lit, I ask my assistant about the appointments
“You got shelly at 9, Jenny at 1, the Japanese golfers at 5
Robert for brunch and Oscar for lunch”
I said word to the bird girl friend
My schedule booming, I’m moving to Berlin
Still off the wall – driving a german
Burning and looting, I guess I’m proving I’m a human
And a person, ya heard man..

[Verse 2: NIKO IS] Draped in luxury from the crown to the toe
Lavish company, surrounded by gold
I don’t like unannounced visits
Don’t even try to come around with it
If your not invited to the village
It’s hard to infiltrate the circle of trust
You get that man?
And once we kick you out you can’t get back in
Im just smoking in a circle like the zig zag man
Thinking about exactly who I’m impacting
I put 4 bids in for a forbidden war driven
Palace in Kuala Lumpur with a golden front door
Marble floor living, rebel without a cause
On a different level, a devil without no flaws
Got a huge notoriety, not being used to sobriety
I’mn used to sticking to people, thats the glue to society
Careful with Judas he’s usually moving super quietly
Even him and Jesus spoke privately

[Verse 3: NIKO IS] It’s the kush burner
If you want it then no need to look further
I’m jut trying to keep shit in order like good burger
I get sentenced over sentences, that’s that hook murder
I’m off the books- you just a song book burglar
Most rappers are minions
I’m just discussing business with the armenians
The joints puff like Diddy- I ciroc the mic
Im outside the box, you might as well go box with mike
The door ain’t got no mo locks- I plotted my spot to the top
Ironic I started from the bottom like Tetris – boy im reckless
No question if I’m the answer, they hands up-
They riding the Rollercoaster I designed
This is organized rhyme
A free man like morgan i shine, in a delorian
With a positive outlook on life like californians
Bumpin biggie’s born again with 4 rings on 2 fingers
I just do it like two singers

[Lyrics to Ballon d’Or by NIKO IS]
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