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Nile Ross - 2:12 a.m Lyrics

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Nile Ross – 2:12 a.m Lyrics

I’ve been up 4 or 5 days
Workin late in phoenix but I came up from the east side
I done got 4 or 5 ways
Workin like an addict is the single way to see mine
I’ve been chasin all my dreams
Half of these other nigguhs tryna talk couldn’t feat that
Want the whole thrown and my seat back
With some bad hoes from the coast over sea that
What they gon say
What it gone take
Once you started gettin noticed you notice there’s more to make
Yeah I gotta choice
So I’m a pay advance
Ford focus through the town with the city in my lense
Goddamn I’m the man
I aint gotta front
Its funny how the brokest be the ones who try to stunt
Its funny how the dopest be the ones who lay it down
But the same time will never be admitted for the crown
Nigguh that’s just how it is
When you livin where I am
Nigguh gotta do it big man I’m tryna win a gram
Fuck is up wit kids today
All they do is instagram
I just wanna prove somethin
Watch me raise the histogram
I just wanna show a glance
Of a mindstate
Witout a crime rate
Man let’s quit wit all the bullshittin
After trayvon I thought It couldnt escalate
But I guess we got it all twisted
Like the stories you curved around a nigguh
You curl an armidilla you couldn’t handle a little
You pushed a man in the middle
You did it so you could settle
Admit it like registration
You never were in the circle
I swear to god I’ve been workin
I swear to yall a that’s a certain and everything
I’ve been droppin
I did it under the current
But did it and kept me current
I did and do it dirty
I dotted and relined to perfect sorted astrology
Never put it a side of me
Dedicated and guided me
Want a change
So a check won’t inspire me
No sleep
So the rest will admire me
Goddamn I’m the man is what I’m tellin me
Goddamn I’m the man
Goddamn I’m the man
Is what I’m tellin me nigguh
We tryna make change
Tryna make a difference
VAV Crew
Victory After Victory
It’s 2:12am in this mothafucka
Shout out to Montie in this bitch
We comin through nigguh
Our year

[Lyrics to 2:12 a.m by Nile Ross]

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