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No Bragging Rights - Right Minded Lyrics

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No Bragging Rights – Right Minded Lyrics

You’ve been this way for as long as you can remember,
You’ve tried to change but you just keep falling deeper,
Baptized in the fire of combat,
Ready to go at the drop of a hat.

But so much energy wasted,
You really think this is the place to get tested?
Not here, not in these walls.

The enemy is outside of rooms like this,
Politicians, bigots, rapists and racists,
Hate groups designed to keep you silent,
When words fail, I need your violence,
Let it out, on someone else, not here, not now.

I love where your heads at,
And your willingness to fight back,
Stop losing sleep over things that don’t matter,
You have a chance to make things better.

I’m not asking you to change a single thing,
Just to focus on different targets,
I’m done asking you to change the way you feel,
No more silence, I want your violence.

Oh, how I want your violence,
Front and center at a rally or protest,
To swing back, in defense of the helpless,
To be the muscle in a positive movement.

I love where your heads at.

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