No Ditching - Song For Shelly Lyrics

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No Ditching – Song For Shelly Lyrics

My friend Shelley
There’s a twist in my underpants
Something in my insides
We’ve been inseparable since you pushed me off that slide
It’s cheesy but this bond we have’s too strong to fail
But lately there’s been a wall between us I can’t scale

I’m scared I’m gonna push you away
With the things I want to say
Like telling your boyfriend he’s a creep
So I tell him to fuck off in my sleep

You are formidable and you’ve so much to say
And I am ready to jump this ship and walk your way
It’s clear to me that he’d rather we didn’t make a fuss
But that’s alright we’ll just let him roll his eyes at us
Let them roll their eyes at us

Take me driving in your tiny car
We’ll go to Seaburn, it’s not that far
Get some perspective while walking on the beach
And we’ll shout fuck off at the sea

[Lyrics to Song For Shelly by No Ditching]

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Artist No Ditching Lyrics
Album"Inseparable" (2015)

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No Ditching - Song For Shelly Lyrics

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