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Nosoyo - One At A Time Lyrics

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Nosoyo – One At A Time Lyrics

I ain’t got the patience no more
No I ain’t gonna wait another day
You shouldn’t be surprised

And I ain’t gonna lie anymore
No I aint’t gonna lie again
I won’t say I’m fine
or that there is nothing to hide

You’re too far behind
to catch up on everything
every again
But it’s fine

Just because you felt it does it mean that
anything of this was ever real?
Something’s in the air when you walk by
It doesn’t kill to try now
Tell me is that right?

We should talk about the facts now
I’ve seen lights in your window
The other night
I thought we had a deal about
Sharing the city
Just one at a time

[Lyrics to One At A Time by Nosoyo]

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