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Nyck Caution - 0 to 1000 (Remix) Lyrics

Nyck Caution – 0 to 1000 (Remix) Lyrics

And fuck being on some rapper shit
Y’all just some actors always on your Stella Adler shit
I’m getting high off the dutch, no Erasmus
I’m a legend down in Murrow, Ms. McCloskey know what’s happenin
I was on the television at the age of seven
So yo don’t tell me what you doin’, man it ain’t impressive
And I’m not moving from the apple, I’m no Raymond Felton
But we going 0-100 in a civic down the intersection
N-Y-C-K , C-A-U-T-I-O-N
They love me in they city like Lebron back in Cleveland
All this work I’m putting in, I’m beyond tired [gasp] But I still keep the heat comin’, every track’s a bonfire
I just rep the era yo [yo] I go to 0-100 even if they pop the car tire
I’m just tryna’ aim the bar high, y’all ain’t raising the bar
Y’all just raisins to the bar man, that shit is beyond dry
All that whack shit is aggravating
And y’all don’t wanna see my dark side, apartheid
But this is where the heart lie
Straight through my vision
So don’t sugar-coat it, cause that only damages your wisdom
I’m an animal in prison
Break the shackles off my ankles
Breaking tackles like Seattle’s hail beast-mode shake em’
I’m a beast-coast native
On some real shit, going real quick
Hit the kill switch and put them in a black hole
In a big black hole, still DASCO
Still ill with the rap flow
Still kill you rap foe
Livin’ out my monicker

The situation critical, flatline on the monitor
Back up on my grind if you ain’t see me check your ocular
And tell your friends about me, they’ll be trippin’ when I’m popular
0-1000 fuck a hunnid’, hit kilometers
Light-year’s, I’m a star y’all astronomers
Now we on, you can can bet that we live
And I would die before I let them disrespect my design
Only fuck that I’mma give is when i’m sexing these thighs
I’m a rookie, but I’m spittin’ like a vet in his prime
Now let’s..ride, you’ll never be forgetting my rhymes
And I’ve be working, I better get my pension in time
Full of effort and pride, and aggressive with grind
It’s the era that forever be remembered to shine
The Don
Yeah I said it’s the Don

I go 0-1000 fuck a hunnid’ hit kilometers
Tell your friends about me, they’ll be trippin’ when i”m popular

[Lyrics to 0 to 1000 (Remix) by Nyck Caution]

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