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NYN - Torrential Flames Lyrics

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NYN – Torrential Flames Lyrics

In search of a purpose
To fill a hollow existence

Archetypal descending helix
Revolving too swiftly as it drains the all of the nectar
From the exposed threads of a life

Endless black towers being constructed
Away from the gaze that kindles all dreams
Endless black towers being constructed
Away from the gaze of all hope
The defense of one’s fundamental component
Eroded unjustly withheld force
Without forbearance

As the skies part making way for piercing flames
Not visible to naked eyes
Only to those who know suffering all to well
We know it all too well

Shackles inserted into the flesh viscerally
Their weight a burden unsurpassable
Searing the skin boiling the blood crumbling the bone
Drinking the marrow twisting the organs

The elusive revelation of reprieve inconceivable
Its existence a sore mark on the soul, body and mind
The distance is absurdly tremendous

The walls of the inner prison imploding with immense force
Crushing the vessel yet sparing the essence
Only to condemn it to further torment

The immutable blackness of doubt, weakness, pain
Blinds all that shines
Until no spark of existence remains to fuel the spirit
Choking the will to within an inch of release

[Lyrics to Torrential Flames by NYN]

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