Obii Say - Whose World? Lyrics

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Obii Say – Whose World? Lyrics

I swear to tell the truth solemnly
If you lie to me, you die to me
I don’t need nobody on the side of me
Cause, bitch, I’m about to do it
Ain’t no probably
I had to stop fucking with that internet
Black twitter killin niggas
That’s that nigga-net
Ole heads, new guns
mix the coke and rum
Police pull up
drop the coke and run
OG tell me dont do what i see him doin
Don’t never fuck with this
Don’t move how I’m movin;
You got a brain, little nigga, use it
Actin stupid out here slippin
And you might lose it
Yeah I know at night you heard them niggaz shootin’
I come in late and Grandma ask where you been?
And Grandma ask if I heard em shootin’
At least you was safe
Wherever you’ve been
I thought you was going back to school, huh?
(Nah) Nah, Grandma, I’m fucking with this music, but
I guess if this shit don’t work out
I’ll be gone back to school then

Understandable smooth shit that
murderers move wit’
Came up with murderers
That keep that hammer like tool kit
The f*ck you reaching for?
Don’t get stitched and sutured
Or get a price on your head
Fuck around and lose it

Whose world is this?
The world is yours, it’s yours
Whose world is this?
The world is yours, it’s yours
Whose world is this?
The world is yours, it’s yours

[Lyrics to Whose World? by Obii Say]

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Obii Say - Whose World? Lyrics

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