Ocean Embers - Amongst The Mountains Lyrics

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Ocean Embers – Amongst The Mountains Lyrics

Why didn’t I listen to them?
When they told me you were good for nothing
I should have listened to my friends
But you blinded me with your poison
You couldn’t walk alone with your emotional trauma
You needed someone to bring down with your drama
Well you hand picked the wrong vulnerable kid
To try and plague with your evil darkness
I swear that you will never hurt me again
Now I am stronger I am bringing this to an end
Tell me out of all the times they pushed you to a table and bent you over it
Did you ever feel pain like a mountain?
I won’t second guess when I retaliate like a mountain (mountain)
You will never be prepared
When you’re trapped in your own abyss among my mountain (mountain)
You’ll be longing for the end
When you’re stuck on your own in the shadow of my mountains (mountains)
I will never bleed again
At the hands of my own misjudgement
I will never bleed again
I’m leaving you in the fire as I ascend’

[Lyrics to Amongst The Mountains by Ocean Embers]

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Ocean Embers - Amongst The Mountains Lyrics

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