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OCTiV - Death Twerk Lyrics (Feat. ForeverKID)

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OCTiV – Death Twerk Lyrics (Feat. ForeverKID)

You may know me I’m the O.G. rebel
You may know me I invented Heavy Metal
You may know me by my first name…
Don’t be scared just dance
And put them horns up like lambs in a trance
We used to head bang
and yea that still works
but now we straight turn shit up with that death twerk
Now we straight turn shit up with that death twerk

Death Twerk
I can help you get what you need if you make a deal with me
Upload me to the beast to feast and Ill fuckin set you free
I can make you live forever
I can give you riches
I can make you three piece suits out of bitches
I can make you lord over every damn thing
I can make your name the song the whole world sings
Black Magic Galaxy there’s only one King
And that can be you but I need just one more thing…

[Lyrics to Death Twerk by OCTiV (Feat. ForeverKID)]

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