Oddisee - Tomorrow Today Lyrics

Oddisee – Tomorrow Today Lyrics

Motivated by fear, it ain’t the best but it works for me
Being like the rest is like the worst to me
know that I have ideas, & I’m trying to bring them to life
But no plan is executed perfectly
My niggas want travel, the world they wanna see
But they don’t own a jet, so they think it ain’t meant to be
My niggas love to drink, they smoke a lot weed
I told them if they saved what they were
Blowing they could flee
This a tangible dream, nas said it ain’t tell
But I’m the one this beat
Odd said it ain’t hard to reach
Manifesting destiny I’m making that my specialty
I’m chef’ing recipes to get the best of me

Lesser me ain’t worthy of existing in the present
That nigga had me messing with some shit that had me stressing
The future me done been through everything that
I’m expecting
He told me, holler at me in the past to get a lesson
Right now I’m chilling, later on the same
No I can’t complain, right now I’m winning
A killing’s what i’ma make, for the sake of living
Taking it to the top, I’ma own all the building
Found a women I love, i’ma give her some children
What she gives me is great, she’s my friend & my mate
I’ma repay the feeling, intertwining our fates
Put a ring on her finger, bouncing on her I ain’t
Growing up is hard as f**k
Dodging it, yeah my guard was up
Gotta take some jabs if you

Want to handle a harder punch
Quick to knock you down if your outer’s sound, but your heart is mush
Not enough to talk if your bite ain’t as tough as your bark
Use to love the past, loath the
present, hate the future
Guess I just got use to rolling with it like a trooper
Ceilings made of glass are in the scope of what I shoot for
And when I get it to crack, another level’s is the new goal
See me running for the sun, being burnt out’s the only way I know I’m done
Got to take a break I’m still awake it’s after one
But what I do ain’t work it’s all in fun
But keeping it that way is where the secret it

Deeply hidden from tons
The lucky few to peep it, I’m among
Never take for granted
opportunities I’m handed
And if it’s within my means, I’ll go above what I was planning
I walk along
the line between, manage & panic
Frantically working, sometimes relaxing is a challenge
You see I make these beats in my computer though
Writing in my phone so, everywhere I go is like my studio
Always feel at home when roaming around the planet
A road is just a road, the traveler makes the vantage
My future’s looking good & my present’s in good standing
The past is in the past, so
I think I’m ready for tomorrow today

[Lyrics to Tomorrow Today by Oddisee]

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Artist Oddisee Lyrics
Album"Tangible Dream" (2013)

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Oddisee - Tomorrow Today Lyrics

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