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Of Concepts And Kings - Nobodies Lyrics

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Of Concepts And Kings – Nobodies Lyrics

Keep swinging the shovel if you’re dead set on my demise.
No one will be able to hear your scream.
Smile as I watch you sink.
For years I played the ghost;
swallowed my pride and made the most of the bullshit I’ve been fed.

Since birth, inhibition lost.
My mind begins to toss and turn.
I’ll only say it one more time;
look me in the fucking eyes and tell me that
I’m living life to my fullest potential,
or if I’m even living at all.

I know now where I stand on the issues at hand;
six feet under the ground with a dead pulse in my fucking hands.
Do you know what it’s like to live for twenty years
knowing nobody would care if I died tomorrow?

It leaves me numb to know that the only person that ever gave a fuck about me was my own reflection.
Like a moth to a flame,
becoming obsessed with the concept of no longer breathing.
Every day everybody’s trying to be somebody
but at the end of it all we’re just a bunch of fucking nobodies.

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