Only Crime - No Truth In Love Lyrics

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Only Crime – No Truth In Love Lyrics

A blessed cold to rest, infirmed.
The veil is lost, there is no shelter.
Feel it rise out there, just beyond where our traps are disengaged.
Like things we love are incomplete, and thus we fall, we fall away.
A fading light, one bleeding tide.

Hold tight while we begin.
Burn the ink into my skin.
No light shines in my heart, in my heart.
Sick souls, we climb above.
There’s no more truth in love.

When you let me go, who can I trust?
My darkest fears now broken free.
As life distends, they gather round me.
We burned away and all the rest is gone.
So much time’s now forced away.
Cautious words, all we can say.
This is where it all begins.

Nothing left of what I’ve seen, just the spaces in between.
Live, just let it go.
Like a severed frame, my time is lost.
Give me one more chance to look inside my heart.
Just one more chance to look inside my heart, and just let it go.

[Lyrics to No Truth In Love by Only Crime]

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Artist Only Crime Lyrics
Album"Pursuance" (2014)

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Only Crime - No Truth In Love Lyrics

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