Our Omega - The Choice Lyrics

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Our Omega – The Choice Lyrics

The choice
This is my lie
Trapped and lost, lost in a maze of frustrations,
Fighting for a little piece of mediocrity
Wasted away by what could have been and never was
Everything you sacrificed,
Everything you once loved
Everything you left behind
Everything you once loved

Past demons lurk waiting for your fall,
Hidden in your mind defiling your thoughts,
They keep you away, far away (from your way)
Beaten and bruised, you want to give up, but you must keep going and fight
Get rid of the habits which retain your essence, remove the blindfold from your eyes
And now that you are not the same you were before,
Your rage will be your strength,
The strength to heal the wounds, the strength to purge your soul,
The strength to reach the omega
The omega
The omega

I chose my way from which i shall never stray
The flame of hope sheds light on this darkness
Betrayed by life, i won’t let nothing stop me
This pain makes me feel alive, (feel alive)
Your hate makes me strong, (makes me strong)
I don’t give a fuck about your words, (fucking words)
Now it’s my time, i will be heard, (be heard)

[Lyrics to The Choice by Our Omega]

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