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Overtime Heroes - Chapter I The Abduction Lyrics

Overtime Heroes – Chapter I The Abduction Lyrics

He looks into the mirror
This guardian of his throne
His punk sense tingles
His harlot is gone
A PBR on the counter
A clue to whom took Daniel
A group of filthy hipsters.
Our hero chugs and is on his way

But where to begin
A coffee shop? The bar?
Start at the local strip club
Which isn’t too far.
On the way their song plays
But it’s not the same
Ready to lose his shit
Marc chops the wheel
And loses control

A time not long ago
In a place not far away
We start off our story
With a man that we once met
An epic tale of loss
A story of vengeance
Our hero begins with
A taste for pain
But not his own.
When will time be on his side?

Swerving to regain control
His heart pounds, seeing flashes of Daniel
The smoke from burning rubber
The smell of gasoline
Littered with shards of glass
Marc awakes upon his head.

Walking the rest of the way
Hearing sirens en route
He has no time to waste
At the club he will be safe
The light from the sign
Signal a small triumph
But Marc is sure
Not to draw attention to himself

[Lyrics to Chapter I The Abduction by Overtime Heroes]
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