Overtime Heroes - Chapter II Almost Departed Lyrics

Overtime Heroes – Chapter II Almost Departed Lyrics

Chapter 2.
Let’s get started.
It’s entitled
Almost Departed.
Been knocked down,
but not knocked out.
He ventures on.
Marc ventures on.
Shows I.D.
Gets turned down.
With blood and sweat
running down.
He passes out
and smokes his head.
But time still turns.

A dream, a f**king nightmare.
An image, of the scene.

Prior, to the act
upon the stage is set.

Lucid in description.
Able to move from room to room.
Marc witnesses the break in
and spots
a familiar face.

Marc has seen who took Dan.
Marc now knows what he must do.
To all those who are to blame.
He’s coming for you.

Waking in a white hell
double taking the whole time.
Marc locates his clothes.
Is he losing his mind?
Miles from the club
where he saw those filthy hipsters.
Another feat to overcome.

Cracks the door
to his white hell.
The coast seems clear
but it’s hard to tell.
Unknowing who
would recognize
our hero’s face.
“Keep your cool”,
Marc tells himself.
“No time to waste.
Pick up the pace!”
He hears a voice,
has he been made?

With all he has Marc breaks down the hall.
All the while not knowing how to escape.
This hell is growing deeper and deeper.
A maze of sorts, Marc needs to keep his wits.

The light upon the exit sign,
signals a small triumph,
giving way to a second chance.

Turning toward the stairwell,
Marc sees day give way to night.

Leave today
so you may find your way.
There will be hell to pay
for those who took you away.
Close your eyes
and you will hear the cries
of those we both despise.
I am the bringer of their demise.

[Lyrics to Chapter II Almost Departed by Overtime Heroes]

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Artist Overtime Heroes Lyrics
Album"Marc Ryan's Adventure Through Time" (2013)

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Overtime Heroes - Chapter II Almost Departed Lyrics

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