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Owls - Why Oh Why Lyrics

Owls – Why Oh Why Lyrics

Why oh why must other people’s stuff
Always seem just kinda dirty
That guy applied that lost and found Chapstick
A waiter with that bread
He dropped your chill pickle in hot sand
I want you to do
What you want to do

It’s cute how you assume
The spirits of the world is the world
My oh my asked me to love more to my hair and face
Sniff my fingers all day

The stop sign’s white
Looks green next to fresh snow
And I need to eat your goo
My horoscope always trumps world news

Why oh why
I want you to want
What I wanted to do
You’re stupid to assume
What did not turned and turned

[Lyrics to Why Oh Why by Owls]

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  • Gabriel says:

    Can someone please post the lyrics for the whole album? This Brazilian fan would appreciate it A LOT!

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