Petite Noir - Chess Lyrics

Petite Noir – Chess Lyrics

I don’t know,
But you’re taking me for a fool, boy
You don’t know,
So you tell me to stay cool, boy
Haven’t had you around
For a while (it’s real shit right here)
That’s what I’m saying,
Take you to my other friends
Then show you this world
See, I can live, it’s possible
That I can breathe, it’s possible
I can dance, it’s possible
And I can smile again, it’s possible
With or without you

Tell me, boy,
Do you really think we’re gonna make it?
I don’t know,
Let’s pretend that nothing went on

If you can come,
I will show you love and affection
Where you now?
Should’ve been hiding pictures
Tell me, girl,
Do you really think I wanna break up?
Tell me, now,
You gotta be there when I wake up

Don’t need to sell my soul
Cause you already came out of nowhere
Tell me where you’re going, girl
Go to church and pray for me
I’m going back to my goodness
Tell me now,
So I know, so I know, so I know

Hold on,
To what we had
To what we did
It’s what you wanted
We gotta go back, gotta go back, gotta go back, gotta go back

[Lyrics to Chess by Petite Noir]

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Artist Petite Noir Lyrics
AlbumKing of Anxiety (2015)

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Petite Noir - Chess Lyrics

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