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Pigeon Lake - Confrontation Lyrics

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Pigeon Lake – Confrontation Lyrics

I feel
So alive
I look down, despair drowned
I hope
To find you were right
You were right

Never alone
Never alone
To find what I’m searching for
Deliver it all
To give it to you
Confined into hatred
Deranged solitude
I feel so, fine
Forever and always with you
My sweet, valentine

[Chorus] In the end, of me
You can’t

Turn off the lights
To hide, mask your shadows
I fright
It’s alluringly hollow
don’t know what’s here
I’m ready to face it
I fear
You don’t know what’s coming
My dear

Red running rampant here
My sweet, valentine

[Chorus] In the end, of me
(scream for me, scream for me)
In the end, of me (scream for me)
You can’t

[Outro] (Hahaha, you fucking bitch
you think you can hide
You think you can run away from me
I’ll find you wherever you are
Fuck you)

[Lyrics to Confrontation by Pigeon Lake]

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