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Plastic Planets - Brother Lyrics

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Plastic Planets – Brother Lyrics

There you go
Looking like you know
And feeling like
A troublemaker everyday

Aren’t you glad you came?
You’re promising a fantasy
That we will never see
With our two eyes

Will you listen to me brother?
Never hear you say I’m sorry

I’m so glad you came
You feed into the lies of hope
But pardon me
You’re a rotting thief
Yes I may be the only one
To tell you why
You live a lonely life

I need to know you’re sorry for
All the lies you sold
And the dice you rolled

If you could have it anyway
Would you run away
With a different name?

Deliver the rain that you
Promised back in ‘92
Consider the pain
There’s a war that’s inside of you

[Lyrics to Brother by Plastic Planets]
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