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Pleasure Gallows - D.I.T.C. Lyrics

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Pleasure Gallows – D.I.T.C. Lyrics

Well the world makes sense,
She don’t got a chance,
Dug a tunnel here from the bible belt
Till the day the greyhounds ate the scales from her backside,

Where the waters blue
Where the parents spawned
Where she was born
Where she was born cool in the hills
Safe in the trees

It’s dark outside
Break a taboo
It’s fun to cocktease a mexican phone
Home for a routing number
Catch bills like a synergetic plague

Don’t wanna go back to the pond
And lay my eggs in the grave
The fins unfold and everybody holds a candle
And they pray she’d rather die in the city
I’m a roaming tranceiver
Why don’t you eat me sailor
Don’t wanna go back to the pond
And lay my eggs in the grave
I’d rather die in the city tonight

[Lyrics to D.I.T.C. by Pleasure Gallows]

© 2014 Dick Vain

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