Polyenso - Moona Festival Lyrics

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Polyenso – Moona Festival Lyrics

Be good when you miss her
Step foot in the cage
Twice caught like a rabbit
No right words to say

Be good little habit
Get lost in the maze
Set free all my sadness
Hold on to me now,
Hold on to me now

Hold on little feeling
Give warmth, give me grace
Make sense of me sister,
Make reason for faith
Be good little nightmare
Hold on to me now,
Hold on to me now,
Hold on to me now

In my eye there’s this place
Shook up by the nonsense
Don’t let it be too late
There’s soul in my pocket
There’s money to waste,
There’s money to waste

Walk next to the park
Count fish all day
I’m drunk for you lover
Stop messing with me,
Stop messing with me

[Lyrics to Moona Festival by Polyenso]

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Polyenso - Moona Festival Lyrics

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