Pop-A-Lot - Ten Crucifixes Lyrics

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Pop-A-Lot – Ten Crucifixes Lyrics

That work I move it nigga
All the Bad bitches be like “Who This Nigga”
Hit my phone like “What you doin nigga”
But all I do Is Get it
They locked my dog up for moving Chickens
I stay prayed up ten crucifixes
Robin Jeans not them Tru religions
Move that Bobby Brown like its New Edition
Everywhere I go got 2 shooters with him
and them clips fruity
They dont know what they do to niggas
Stupid Nigga
Ridin round with ruthless niggas
we do this nigga, I dont care if your Boo is with ya
Green Light On who is with ya (Bang, Bang)
That work I siggy serve it
them drop tops we swiggy Swerve em
Im My hood young nigga gettin murdered like everyday
work go from suburban to the Chevrolet
truck full of that Hillary
plug be like Andele
You need that 4 way then im on the way
send em across state lines put em on the Interstate
Im just tryna make A sale no paper trail my baby mama cray as hell
These niggas signing like K Michelle

[Lyrics to Ten Crucifixes by Pop-A-Lot]

Written by Pop-A-Lot.

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