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Prawn - Glass, Irony Lyrics

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Prawn – Glass, Irony Lyrics

I noticed a shift in her stare.
As our eyes lock I’m musing, tell me, you’re waiting for me to say.

“This place is too small for all of us.
We could be there by now.”
If you want to try we could pass it off as a change in a hopeless night,
a tick a tickless clock.

I can’t help but thinking
we’d look great with our drinks and brushing off the weeks.
So let’s keep swimming to our bodies and we’ll meet.
We’ll forget our foreign minds.

So lets keep swimming to our bodies
and we’ll meet between our foreign minds and broken bodies.
We’ll meet between our foreign minds while our tired eyes stay shut.

Tease for the night,
I get it now.
Can’t say enough, it’ in your eyes.
It’s hard to hide.
It’s hard to find.
Out of sight in dire straits.
It’s hard to hide in dire straits.

[Lyrics to Glass, Irony by Prawn]

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