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Prince Whateverer - Promises Lyrics

Prince Whateverer – Promises Lyrics

I swear it now, swear to the open sky.
Someday I’ll show you all, this filly will learn to fly.
I swear it now, I swear it to myself.
I’ll make something of me yet, and i don’t want your help!

You look at me like you think
I’ll never earn my mark.
Well I’ll prove you wrong, just you watch,
I’ll leave you all in the dark.
So many years I’ve waited
under the likes of you,
who would make fun, point and laugh,
and call me “Blank-Flank” too.

Well listen now.
My name is Scootaloo.

I’ll soar into that sky,
on these wings small and pure.
Oh how i dream to fly,
my heart is aching for
a chance to show them all
just how much i could be.
They call me chicken, but
soon i’ll make you all see.

My friends are right there for me,
just like we’d always planned.
But they’re not pegasi like me,
so they can’t understand
the pain of being stuck here,
under the sky so blue.
These feathered wings aren’t meant for this.
Will i ever make it through?

Now is my only chance.
I’ll show them i can fly,
I’ll prove you wrong or die!

Now is my only chance.
No matter what the risks are,
can’t turn back I’ve come this far.

[Lyrics to Promises by Prince Whateverer]
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