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Privaledge - Bitches In The Lobby Lyrics

Privaledge – Bitches In The Lobby Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah
Do the right thing
Get yo heart out

Bitch, I don’t rap x3

Try to play my people, I will put ’em all
Tryna play me, hold up nigga whacha doin’?
I do what I can, I make the most
Champagne, weaker’s gotta toast
Know a lot of people on the coast
That don’t even matter, that’s a joke
Devil want to play me, had to shake him off
Katy Frito taught you on the post
Bitch, I don’t hoop
Let’s keep it real, I’ve got some fresh-ass shoes
Bitch, I don’t rap
I’m just a hustler in a fresh-ass hat

Bitch, I don’t rap x8

Wait, bitches in the lobby, how these niggas frontin’ on me
And they always come around me
Treat the beaches like a hamy
Fuck a label tryna sign me
I been in here at my job
You remind me of a Tommy
Got a picture named Jockony and she tick a dentist liquor
They tell me I’m the nigga, I tell him they can’t defy me
Nigga say he hit my old chick
That make sense cause he behind me
And he got the nerve to brag about it like he made some money
Wo, fuck nigga thought? You the type nigga fall in love with a thot
Fuck around, show up at the club with a thot
Doin’ eveybody in the club a fav
Doin’ everybody in the club a fav
Me? I don’t even love these chicks
Y’all niggas still got love for these hoes
Your prior pig holes out there gettin’ rich

Bitches in the lobby, hahaha
Bitches in the lobby yaya
Bitches in the lobby and I got a couple on me, they just try to sloppy on me

[Lyrics to Bitches In The Lobby by Privaledge]

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