Pulvis Et Umbra - Wrath And Sorrow Lyrics

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Pulvis Et Umbra – Wrath And Sorrow Lyrics

Here I stand, prisoner in my room
and I don’t know if the sky is still blue
The only things I feel are wrath and sorrow
and I feel them ’til tomorrow bring them away
It seems I’m dead and buried
and no one has notice it
The same word is tormenting my brain
That word is : loneliness !!!

Tears are drowning my eyes
’cause I’m listening a song without lies
Music is my heal, my comfort
and I thank it to be born ’cause it makes me strong
It suffer with me !!!

Forgotten by the rest of the world
except by someone who never let me be alone
God bless this people as long as possible
they save the grave of my life with their positivity

Wrath and sorrow !!!

[Lyrics to Wrath And Sorrow by Pulvis Et Umbra]

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