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Qualmes - Downtalk (STFU) Lyrics

Qualmes – Downtalk (STFU) Lyrics

I know you wand that gangster shit ..
All cuz it’s bizarre, to busy t get
Pussy stay fly
Speaking out there like a criminal
Mama talk me never let ..
..but it been through nigga
[…] Nigga so confuse …
[…] Screw you I know you lose
Can’t afford that hoers …
…looking like you
You said you gonna …
Since you have …
[…] Shut the f**k out
Shut the f**k out
Shut the f**k out
Shut the f**k out
Shut the f**k out
Shut the f**k out

I know you love my shit
Never talk about other nigga
Cuz ain’t get my…
This bitch might be inside but I only f**k her for you nigga
I know you dislike …
But need some paper ….
[…] You can finish that work for me
[…] That all for
[…] Never ride with no

[Lyrics to Downtalk by Qualmes]
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