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Rah Digga - Mostly The Voice Lyrics

Rah Digga – Mostly The Voice Lyrics

Shout out my nigga J-Ronin
Rest in peace Guru
Classic shit

It’s mostly the voice that gives them amp
And separates me from all them other tramps
Some got looks, then they open they mouth
They sound like kids, put ’em on a time out
Some chasing rainbows, stuck in the past
Some get in college, stuck on their a**
Some got rhymes, then they think they the next
They get on stage and they can’t project
They can’t connect, they be running out of breath
My shit’s like a threat, you can feel it in the test
It’s mostly the voice why I gets respect
It’s like a sleeping giant that ain’t really never slept
It’s almost like instant live really never left
Rap without me like uh without the chef
Soul without the pep, walk right without the meth
D-girl to death, you can see it in my step
It’s mostly the voice that gets you charged
It’s mostly the voice plus them bars
I spit that hard, motherf**kers say, ‘Preach!’
Shit ain’t hard, motherf**kers say, ‘Peace!’

[Lyrics to Mostly The Voice by Rah Digga]
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