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Rainy Day Women - Mars Lyics

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Rainy Day Women – Mars Lyics

So long to my dearest friends
May you never change and may you never be alone
So long to the ones I love

May you be blessed with patience and may you have good health
I’m going way up so you don’t feel the atom bomb
There is a fire at your door
My love so long

Well you look so good from mars
I wanna run into your world
I wanna run into your world
I wanna run into your world

Make your way by coincidence
And for every time you loose may you have a win
Along the way the trolls will bite your hands
May you be strong enough to crawl when you cant stand
Mars is coming close

I’m leaving for where my love can hide
And I’m gonna be high

© 2014 Rainy Day Women

[Lyrics to Mars by Rainy Day Women]

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