Ray Vegas - There Was a Time Lyrics

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Ray Vegas – There Was a Time Lyrics

Try to be vague about it, but if you read between the lines, everything’s right there, ya know?
Don’t like to say things I don’t mean….
Right now,

Stuck in a onslaught of thoughts n verbal jousts
Insults across the house n shouts, clouded by this doubt
Non – believer even though before i was devout
Path to success, audible, time to change the route
Stakes raise, when the cost is loss of essence
Stressing, hesitant to trim the hedges better pictures when, cropping out the edges
Dealing with the after taste, wiping off the resin
Know just how it is, n aint worried bout what isn’t
Giving out the best to get the worst, no return on the invenstment
Gave long enough it should be vested hard to swallow, hard to digest it
Restless, at the thought of re-assesment
Development of comprehension, raising, situational awareness
Better fare when faced with this again
Forgive with no resentment
Progression through this lyrical expression
Stay gifted in the present
This strenght is a result of constant trials and tribulations

(i dont love you)
There was a time
When just your touch would cause a rush
There was a time
When just your touch would cause a rush
There was a time, when the thought would bring about a blush
There was a time
There was a time

Suffocation escalating, causing rage to be emancipated
Had an x causing stress, had to check it
Know i made the best decision, not tripping, as i walk away n waive
Make a way again, got a lot of roads to pave
Don’t know where i’m going but, be lost if i stayed
G-p-s needed to find my way, failing like my g-p-a if i was graded
Everything i gave it
Every due, i payed it
Amens, right after i prayed it
Stood hopeless as it faded
Danger at its gravest
Nowhere to runway, these aches prove time and time again, there’s no escaping
Seizing moments, that quickly slip away
Sacrifices made, scarred to the point they mutilate
Far from perfect but willing to do all it takes
Sip of love is all i wanted never even got a taste
Failure to see the fake
Even for my own sake
Drowning further every breathe
Underwater, breathe again, resesitate
Reinstate the flame
A failure for the moment
Won’t be too long that i lay
She said she wanted more so i gave
Never giving back, always willing just to take
Never a broken will
But i had to walk away
Blindling giving chase even as the sentiment fades

Took the time to analyze n realize, when u look with real eyes, its real lies
Images, that looking real live, pay respects, never idolize
Day dream regardless of the circumstance, i’m living real life real nice

(but i don’t love you, not like i want to)
There was a time…

[Lyrics to There Was a Time by Ray Vegas]

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Ray Vegas - There Was a Time Lyrics

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