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Redvers Bailey - Sarah Lyrics

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Redvers Bailey – Sarah Lyrics

A bird in a story could sing into eternity
Ideas are passed on until the times change
I was never lonely the time that you made cards for me
Weird little pictures on recycled boards
I can remember the taste of your morning mouth
I miss it like wildlife would miss natural light
Oh Sarah

I found you listening to a mix on my minidisk
You had been crying but wouldn’t say why
You had been driving half full of champagne
With my little sister to hospital
She had been drinking at another sister’s wedding
She lost control and then you stepped in
Oh Sarah

I was too stupid to see that a driving ban
Would mean I saw you less than before
You’d moved away your new housemates were always high
Your mum was frightened you’d drink like your dad
I was so jealous of your tight knit family
I couldn’t visit it was making me ill
Oh Sarah

We were up top for a ride on the 85
You showed me two tramps smoking by the food bank
Then you said that’ll be Chuck and me one day
Chuck is successful and I haunt the streets
The streets of Berlin might make me or kill me
Even in springtime my fingers burn
Burn in the cold with memories to keep me warm
Wretchedly stirring past moments of joy
Oh Sarah

I see us sitting side by side at the piano
I can remember you painting your face
Your beautiful body distressed me a hundred ways
Each time that I heard your voice my cool would fade
All that you wanted was a lover to love you well
I couldn’t give you that I lived in hell
I talked about you to some of the doctors
They tried to help me there is no cure
Oh Sarah

I hope you are walking into the sunset
Wonderful people deserve lovely things
I am the bluebird that sings in the backwoods
And these days I’m satisfied with what that brings
Oh Sarah

Redvers Bailey © 2014

[Lyrics to Sarah by Redvers Bailey]
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