Redvers Bailey - Wanderlust Lyrics

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Redvers Bailey – Wanderlust Lyrics

Dante traveled through all levels of hell
Up the mount of purgatory and through the realms of paradise
He said he was allowed a brief glimpse of God
I imagine as the strobe lights on the wings annihilate the dark
Elliott sings and the distant pianos punctuate my new book
A nervous passenger utters holy words
The girl behind me says she feels she’s in a movie, well me too
Just wait until we get to where we’re going to

Is this running away?
Is it soul searching?
Am I chasing a dream?
No I’m wide awake.

I am no Columbus, I am no Yuri Gagarin
I’ve traveled less than Laika
Barcelona to Berlin
Never will we be together this young
Will you trade with me in memories to forget to remember once again
Have you looked outside the window?
Well babe that’s the real world
Let it break your heart but never break your will
I can’t explain if I am homeless on a plane it’s the most complete I’ve been
Sitting there in limbo looking out the window

I’m not running away
I’m not soul searching
I’m not chasing the dream
Don’t waste it
Life is short but it’s the longest time I could ever know
I need tales for the grandkids so I’ve got to go
I’ve got to go somewhere

I never should have had coffee number three
My heart is in my mouth, excitement. Anxiety
I could run away to the wilderness
To search inside my soul for a voice, a route to suit me best
I have no soul of my own we all have one small piece of one big soul
Leaves on a family tree
So the wilderness is no good for us there’s a tale to be told
Unless my piece of soul is with the rest I will never be whole

I’m not running away
I’m not soul searching
I’d be living the dream if you were with me
Life is short but it’s the longest time I could ever know
We need tales for our grandkids come on it’s time to go
I got to go somewhere
I got to go somewhere
I got to go somewhere
Find the long way home

Redvers Bailey © 2014

[Lyrics to Wanderlust by Redvers Bailey]

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Redvers Bailey - Wanderlust Lyrics

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