Rex Razor - If I Could Rule The World Lyrics

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Rex Razor – If I Could Rule The World Lyrics

If I Could Rule The World
Amma Make The Pain All Go Away
I’ll Make The Children Smile Everyday
Amma Make The World A Better Place
If You Could Rule The World
Would You Stop These Wars And Let Peace Reign
Would You Stop The Hunger And The Pain
Or Pretend You Care While Lives Waste Away

They’ve Got Laws To Support Gays
No Laws To Support The Homeless And The Hungry Kids
Pushing Us With Their Siren
Imposed Laws To Make Us All Silent “Sshhh!
Dead Presidents On Paper
Got A Homie Strapped Piling More Haters
I’m Trying To Come Out
Wicked Demons Pulling Me Back
Momma Screamed And Pushed
Only The Strongest Survive
I See You Holding Ya Gun Up
Aiming At Ya Brother
Now You Feeling Man Up
You Bragging ‘Bout How Many Popo
You Pulled The Triggers On Their Chest Homie Soso
In The Mirror Is A Man That You Just Can’t Stand
Through The Window Is A World You Don’t Understand
What You Need Is A Hug
Course You Feel Like A Bug
Rex Razor The Boss
I’m Back, Ya Heard

God Made Man, Man Made War
Man Loves War So He Builds These Walls
Let’s Break These Walls And End This War
What We Killing for Who You Killing For
You Let These Demons
Got The Best You
Killing Ya Own Kind
Youths Dying Everyday Over Drugs
Killing The Innocents Now You Feeling Like A Thug
Where’s 2pac When You Need’m
Where’s Mj And Lincoln When You Need’m
All We Got Is Fake Mc’s
D.O.G’s Who Got Fans Now Think They’re G.O.D
So You’re A Real O.G
Well, You Know Me
See Together We Change The World For Good
They Burning Worship Places
Everyday New Cases, The Rape, The Murder
We Need To Change

They Will Do Anything To Get Votes
Dangerous Times On A High Note
Spilling Blood Over Bank Notes
We Need Rearrange How We Role
We Dodged Their Bullets
Now They Got Chemicals
Running Up The Hill
Their Jets Now Bombing Us
Women Caught Up In The War
Tear Drops, Crying When Their Machines Roar, now

Should We Keep Running, Running
Watching The Innocent Children Dying
Should We Keep Moving, Cruising
Waiting For Who, Our Leaders Talking
More Shootings Up In Schools
I Tell You This Ain’t Cool
Another Kid Got Shot
Another Girl Got Raped

[Lyrics to If I Could Rule The World by Rex Razor]

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Rex Razor - If I Could Rule The World Lyrics

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