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Rickie Jacobs - European Rugs Lyrics (Feat Beya Likhari)

Rickie Jacobs – European Rugs Lyrics (Feat Beya Likhari)

I turn off the radio
I turn off the radio

I payed my dues, did my due diligence
Rude to the new lyricist, grew like Houston
I been true to the coacher, I refuze to loose whenever
New management never had that shit, these Benjamins
Is waiting for me, just like a magic trick
When i was eighteen, I used to play devil’s advocate
But back to these Benjamins, is too busy spending ’em
Alupis is my favorite rapper, Alupis and Eminem
I think I would symbol them, but at least when I wanna
Ain;t got yhe album of the year, I’mma keep it with Hannah
Bang, bang, man, the game is all fucked up now
I be one you doubt to make you shut the fuck up now
Look! You could have answered my calls, I get the picture
It didn’t take long to see that we different niggas, but
Ain’t no pick me up, and here, you don’t even have to
So fuck that lift that you put together, that’s not the battle
That’s just prank that offense, they ain’t even strapped on shit
It’s obvious that we some niggas that love basket
Aw, aw aw aw, my microphone on, I write the due palm, turn that shit into a song
Get your bitch out the dom, turn that THOT, that’s an upgrade from a dot
You gon’ suck it or not? Goddamit, I kill everybody
Niggas is dying inside my city,
If I ain’t run it, then nigga would be
Living and loving, you got slander for what
You ain;t living your dreams, you barely making the cut
This is knowledge in it’s final form, ain’t no legends ’round me
They more like dinosaurs, tryna make the final fall
You still in college, from my first semester to now
I been polished, you bound it? I highly doubt it
You ain;t giving your girl the intention
She hitting Mollie. Now she hitting your wears
And I’m receiving the sloppy
But you lack intelligence, ain’t even relevant, Kevin Alia
I started on making copies and made it a helping hobby

I screamed fuck the radio!
Fuck the radio!
Fuck the radio!
Fuck the radio!

With a wack attempt for a hook
It don’t (???)
My niggas get booked, all I gotta do is flush
To get your girlfriend that look,
All I gotta do is bless her with some liquor and cush
Hair blowing in the wind, ride a shotgun
Test my nigga up, like yo, I got one!
I’ve got a chip on my shoulder big as the planet
Unemployed with a child, but I’ve been able to manage
I’m broke as a bitch, I really wanna play Santa
My nigga got married, I’m fuckin’ the wedding planner
But everything is good, life is great
I’ve learned a lot of lessons from my mistakes

[Lyrics to European Rugs by Rickie Jacobs (Feat Beya Likhari)]
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