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Ro James - Wynter Gordon... Lyrics

Ro James – Wynter Gordon… Lyrics

Ears are over the crowd
Arms are raised in the air and bodies are sweat
The son of a minister, he’s learned the ways of his father
Leading us all to believe

And know they know little of the German army brat
The crowd feels that they travelled the journey with him
And ended the journey here in New York City
With this perfect moment

Sitting on a stool near the edge of the stage his eyes meet the crowd
And he takes them on one more ride
About the tale of a woman who’s beauty he compares to that of the
Because the gift of fantasy

While the men take notes of all the right things to say
And all the right ways to say them
There are fewer minutes left than before
And the crowd seems a bit anxious

For what they know will be his last song
He stands, takes another swig
And begins his hit, pleads allegiance
A song that in this moment

Seems more directed at his adoring fans
That hat of his muse
The seconds seem to speed up
And we meet him at the final of the song

There are depths in his voice that echo pain
Tough his stature implies resilience
He leaves the stage calmly and alone
But we are with him

We’ve joined the movement and we’re along for the ride
His songs will lead us to our own realization and revelations
Like all the classics before them

[Lyrics to Wynter Gordon… by Ro James]
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