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ROAM - Sticker Slap Lyrics

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ROAM – Sticker Slap Lyrics

Learning from mistakes,
We lose ourselves, re-navigate,
and feel the pressure start to weigh in.
I’ve never understood the way,
We push ourselves until we break.
My one track mind, … blinds and sticks,
A back up plan distracts and conflicts.
You only get what you give and if you don’t give enough,
You can take it or leave it it’s all that you’ve got.

This is all that we need,
I fell, These cuts won’t bleed.
I feel healthy.
Invincible against this,
I took my time and more.
Never start to feel contentment,
til my feet are sore.
Act first, think later
At worst we’ll pay for this.

This is a warning sign,
From everything you left behind.
You’re wasting time.
You’re wasting time.
I’ve been stuck up in my bed,
Not waking up, sleeping instead.
And I’ve been wasting time.

I’ll do this despite you.
I’m warning, I’ll fight through,
With every nerve left,
I know it’s not worthless.

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