Romeo Harris - Just Flex Lyrics

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Romeo Harris – Just Flex Lyrics

I do this, i do that
just flex my new shit
rocking with my niggas, all looking flesh like dammn
feeling like a boss
ladies starring like stop sign
we do it big anywhere
even in your city nigga
your bitch came through asking questions
told her to just flex
now all she knows is just flex
that ass with the real niggas

Rome, Lil nigga but I’m big in the dope game
dope nigga come in with a new flame
counting paper like I’m 2 chain
Call me king thats my new name
swag load, too fly for this bitch lame
me and my clique we all the same
just flex, campaign
Got my name on your window frame
All she got is ambition
king shit trade edition
Auto way transition
eat that pussy up and they breaking necks, 69 position
and she says she speak some spanish
snapback in my backpack
jeans, vest with a fat pac
just flex nigga Hashtag
dress in black like a skater
came in the building and i kill that

they here coming like rain
make it rain on this motherfucker
only just flex can do it best
illest mind and the strongest chest

came in the building and kill that
I’be flexing
you be poppin bottle and I’m popping bands
thats make her dance
i spit fire and leave venom like M&M
just flex thats my new shit popping
this brand too dope niggas wanna hit it
we be flexing in zone
all clique we all grown
king shit I’m on my throne
all this niggas be stoned
gotta a bad bitch she’s craving
ass tight she been flexing
all she do is just flex
all my niggas just flex

Squad up we just flexing,
whicha girl nigga we be flexing,
we taking over this sin city our new brand be,
on that point,
popping up champagne bottles
coz we coming up and u can’t stop it.
We makin happen real fast n throw parties like we don’t sleep,
look my Jordan my Yeezy be growing
I’m takin yo girl all she wanna do is flex.
Started this bout a week ago
but had a dream bout it since 13
Take take a picture I’m winning.
hash tag, just flexing
tell em nigga we launching that brand new shit we flex in

Its just flex in this building
mess with us if you a bad bitch
we turn you out don’t doubt it
I’m too fly for an average
better keep me same bad bitch
looking at me like messi boy i be scoring
we flexing on this
in that turnal like BANG
Just Flex
Just Flex
Just Flex
Just Flex

[Lyrics to Just Flex by Romeo Harris]

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Romeo Harris - Just Flex Lyrics

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